For online registration, please click on the link relevant to you:

* Registration for Foreign (Non-Israeli) Attendees, paying in US$ – please click here

* Registration for Israeli Attendees, paying in NIS/₪ – please click here

* Registration for Technion Personnel Only – please click here

Technion graduate and undergraduate students, whose fees are covered by their advisors, as well as participants/supervisors in the Student Project Competition – please also use this form.
Other students, wishing to register and pay independently, please use the Form for Israeli Attendees.

Discounted Early Registration rates will be offered only until February 28, 2018.

Registration Type Non-Israeli Attendees
 Israeli Attendees
Regular participant 240 840
Graduate Student 90 200
Undergraduate Student / Soldier in IDF mandatory service 27 100
Israeli Senior Citizen 420

We look forward to seeing you at the conference !

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